World Famous SugarHill Studios & Dan Workman to Produce New Album

Front to Back: Clay Melton (lead vocals & lead guitar), Zach Grindle (drums), Raymon Minton (bass guitar), Dan Workman (lead producer & owner SugarHill), Steve Christensen (lead engineer), Josh Applebee (drum tech), Zach Kornhauser (intern).


January 31, 2017 – Houston, Texas.    Burn the Ships – the first full-length album by Clay Melton Band will be released this June, produced by Dan Workman of SugarHill Studios, the legendary and oldest continuous operating studio in the U.S. SugarHill has hosted the likes of ZZ Top, Beyonce, and many other Grammy winning artists. Dan, owner of SugarHill, and member of the Board of Governors of the Texas chapter of The Recording Academy (the Grammy’s). Clay recently expressed his excitement, “We couldn’t be more excited to bring these songs to life working with Dan and SugarHill. Dan is first-class, and working in Studio A where legends have performed is truly an honor.”


Dan recently commented on this new project – “Clay Melton Band is an outstanding performance vehicle for front man Clay Melton. The band members , Zach Grindle (drums) and Raymon Minton (bass) are Clay’s equals, which is high praise indeed. The organization is a machine of the best kind: it’s business is as tight as their arrangements, which is both rare and refreshing.”


This team got together a few months ago to record the first single. Afterwards, Dan posted this to his blog:


“Yesterday, I finished mixing a single, Timing’s Everything, by Clay Melton Band. The recording–done in SugarHill’s Studio A – was engineered by Steve Christensen (worked with Miranda Lambert) and assisted on drum sounds by Josh Applebee. But the main story is the band.


We recorded in a rather old-school fashion: all of the band in one room, including the amps and drums! NOT the way to make a contemporary record at all, unless the band can really play well together (which these guys did–they brought it). Much like our Live From SugarHill recordings, this was one of the rarest studio moments…. a band killing it, playing all together in the same room.


It felt like an early Hendrix session — minimal isolation in the room, and the blend of sounds, and the substantial microphone bleed, all adding to the massive sound of the recording. Everyone brought their A game to this party and the song sounds like it.


While we were doing final tweaks on the mix yesterday, Clay had a vision for the sound that went one step further…. we decided to make the song even more mono in the presentation, further emphasizing the old school roots of the track. Another bold step in the right direction!


We are going to record a full length LP in February, 2017. While I’m not sure that we’ll use the same ‘all at the same time’ technique on all of the new songs, it is really cool to know that we can if we want to. I’m really lucky to be working on this project!”


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